Standard SUBWAY vegetables on your Party Platter include your choice of onions, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers. Also available upon request are cheese, mustard, pickles, and/or olives light mayonnaise, Subway Selects Sauces, oil, vinegar, salt & pepper, and hot peppers. You may specify where you want condiments on the sandwiches or on the side. Bacon can also be added to your Party Platter sandwiches for an additional charge.



Platter Choices



SUBWAY Fresh Fit® Platter

Veggie Delite®, Black Forest Ham, Turkey Breast, All-American Club™, Turkey Breast & Ham


Flavor Craver™ Platter

All-American Club™, Spicy Italian, Italian B.M.T®, Turkey Breast & Ham


Classic Combo Platter

Cold Cut Combo, Turkey Breast & Ham, Tuna, Italian B.M.T®




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Length Serves Number of Portions
Sub Party Platter
(one tray)
5-9 15 4″ portions
Cookie Platter 36 36 portions

Recommended portions may vary based on type and size of group. Call for pricing. Advance notice required. Recommended portions may vary. Please consult the Sandwich Artist for more information.